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Bob is a native of North Dakota where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of North Dakota.  He worked as surveyor for the City of Grand Forks City Engineering Department during college.  After graduating he began a construction career as an on-site construction representative for Firestone Tire & Rubber Company.  His third project with Firestone was in East Tennessee where he decided to pursue a career as a general contractor.  Bob began as estimator with Knoxville’s largest contractor and worked his way to Assistant Vice President / Manager of Construction Operations.  He formed his own company in 1980 and later sold it to Knoxville’s second largest contractor and became Vice President of Operations.  He formed a consulting company in 1987 and merged its operations with Professional Construction Consulting, Inc. in 1993.  Bob and his wife enjoy lake living in Lenoir City, TN.


While working with Firestone Bob was the on-site construction manager on two industrial expansions and one new factory.  At Rentenbach he rose from Project Engineer to supervising seven Project Managers as Assistant Vice President.  He was Project Manager on a one million square foot shopping mall.  He helped develop Rentenbach’s transition to computerized accounting and job costing.  Bob’s own company built several of the buildings at the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville. He developed a specialty in convenience store gas station construction.  He merged his company with Knoxville’s oldest contractor and helped that company convert to an open shop operation.  As a consultant he worked as construction manager on industrial, commercial and government projects.  Bob has always stayed active in engineering and construction associations where he has served as Director, President and State President.  He is also a Neutral for the American Arbitration Association.


Bob’s experience in construction management and management of construction companies for over forty years gives him a broad background in his field.  He has worked with two companies in their transition from union shops to open shops.  His experience in construction management from industrial to large retail is extensive.  Bob is an expert in scheduling and has deep roots in computerized costing and finance.  He has successfully formed and managed a small company and has served at the helm of large companies.  He holds General Contractor Qualifier Credentials in four states.  Bob brings to the table a unique ability to see the core values of a construction company and its ability to manage their construction.








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